ERUS 2014

The European Association of Urology
For almost 40 years, the European Association of Urology (EAU) has addressed the most pressing issues of urological care in Europe, through its scientific and educational initiatives, as well as its publications. The EAU delivers training, stimulates research, organises exchanges and broadcasts information. More than 16,000 professionals have joined the EAU and together we create and explore numerous opportunities for professional growth and knowledge-sharing

The EAU Robotic Urology Section (ERUS)

As the most recent addition to the EAU’s sections, the EAU Robotic Urology Section (ERUS) represents the latest field in urological surgery, robotics. Through regular meetings, masterclasses and academic cooperation, we aim to bring together opinion leaders in the field of urologic surgery, with a focus on robot-assisted surgery.

In 2004, 20 physicians convened in France to discuss the newly emerging field of robot-assisted urology. ERUS has since become a scientific platform for urologists interested in the cutting edge of robotic surgery development. Recent annual meetings have attracted over 700 participants. In 2011, ERUS joined the EAU as a section.

ERUS BoardERUS 2014 Local Organising Committee
ChairmanA. MottrieAalst (BE)ChairmanH. Van Der PoelAmsterdam (NL)
MemberC. Abbou    Creteil (FR)MemberH. Beerlage's-Hertogenbosch (NL)
MemberM. AnnerstedtStockholm (SE)Member-EAUNW. De BlokAmsterdam (NL)
MemberW. Artibani Verona (IT)MemberS. KlaverRotterdam (NL)
MemberP. DasguptaLondon (GB)MemberA. VisAmsterdam (NL)
MemberM. Graefen Hamburg (DE)Member-YAU-Junior ERUS  C. Wijburg Arnhem (NL)
MemberA. Kural Istanbul (TR)
Member F. MontorsiMilan (IT)
Member T. PiechaudBordeaux (FR)
Member C-H. Rochat Geneva (CH)
Member R.E. Sanchez-Salas Paris (FR)
MemberP. WiklundStockholm (SE)
Ex-officio ESUT J. RassweilerHeilbronn (DE)
Ex-officio ESU H. Van Der PoelAmsterdam (NL)

EAU Congress Organiser

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